PSN Trophies not showing up on the site?

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The Playstation Network trophies aren't showing up on GB. Is this a problem on Giant Bomb's end or is it Sony's weird API? I thought we were all good with the trophies now?

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Giantbomb's most likely. There have been multiple threads about achievements not showing up from Steam people, 360 people, and PS3.

My Darksiders 2, Counter-Strike, and a couple other games's achievements still haven't shown up. But 2 other games did for some reason. They just sit at 0/0.

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All of the missing achievements have shown up now for me. Might want to check yours.

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Very odd, mine stopped updating so I tried refreshing a couple of times and it worked for XBL but still no new trophies showing, so I tried removing and re-adding my PSN account and nearly 24 hours later it says it is still building and is 6978 in the queue. In all fairness my trophy list is stupid and loads noticably slower than it should on my PS3 just through virtue of there being so many game entries on the list. I am wondering if when the giantbomb site queries with the PSN trophy server, it takes so long that it times out every time? This has led me to believe that the server with my trophies is located somewhere in Kentia Hall.

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