Really fun DLC songs...

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Myself, like a lot of others on here I'm sure, will be probably getting a bunch of the DLC tracks for this due to awesomeness.

So what has everyone been enjoying the most out of the DLC collection for Blitz anyways? Personally "Origin Of Species" by MC Frontalot and "Runnin Wild" by Airbourne to be pretty damn fun on this.

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Any and all Rush songs are a blast.

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I feel that with Rock Band Blitz, songs you enjoy listening to are more important, since the gameplay is a tad bit less involved. I usually pick songs to play that I want to hear at that moment.

I do like songs with good drum parts. As someone who kinda sucks at the drums on normal Rock Band, it can be really fun to pound out some satisfying drum fills on the controller. Rush, Boston, and Foo Fighters all have some interesting drum parts.

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I made a Thread about this...

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