The semi Offical Rock Band Blitz username thread

#101 Edited by Musou (342 posts) -

Xbox Gamertag: MusouBR

I'd love some competition!

Oh, and I'll play basically anything

#102 Posted by maskedplague (10 posts) -

PSN: Maskedplague

Please no country. Other than that, I am game.

#103 Posted by iShayman (99 posts) -

XBL: iShayman

I'm fine with any genre.

#104 Posted by OptimalPower (121 posts) -

Xbox Live: OptimalPower

Feel free to add me bomb bros.

#105 Posted by thatguy (46 posts) -

penguin zombies - 360 - pretty much anything except country

#106 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -

Ok I got it now, add PSN Hizang.

#107 Posted by TheBookNerd (90 posts) -

Xbox 360 Gamertag: The Book Nerd

I play anything, really. But since this is the first RB game I've really gotten into, I don't own a lot of DLC tracks.

#108 Posted by damswedon (3221 posts) -

360 Gamertag: damswedon

I'll take anything you've got.

#109 Posted by MjHealy (1960 posts) -

MjHealy, 360. I'll just about anything bar country

#110 Posted by IronJuJu (7 posts) -

PSN - IronJuJu

Will play anything that I own, no country.

#111 Posted by Upfish (52 posts) -

Gamertag: Upfish

I have a lot of music (even some country) but I mostly stick to Classic and Alt Rock. I'll play just about anything, though.

#112 Posted by johncallahan (712 posts) -

360: jonny126

I own almost all the DLC so I'm good with anything.

#113 Edited by Magicallystoopid (486 posts) -

Xbox (No thank you asshole) - RazorbackKing

Genre - anything and everything...

So many people against country... who am I suppose to play The Gambler against? THE GAMBLER DOES NOT PLAY WITH ITSELF! IT IS TOO BUSY KNOWING WHEN TO HOLD EM' AND WHEN TO FOLD EM'.

#114 Posted by Tharrington (153 posts) -

Xbox- Tharringbone

I enjoy all genres as along as the song are good and fun.

#115 Posted by Matt_H (32 posts) -

Xbox 360 Gamertag - Matt108

I'll play pretty much anything.

#116 Posted by GeoAbraxas (12 posts) -

PSN - GeoAbraxas

#117 Posted by Vextroid (1451 posts) -

PSN - Vextroid

Will play anything.

#118 Posted by SteepInKline (195 posts) -

Xbox 360

Gamertag: SteepInKline

Preferences: No country or metal that isn't included in the RB1, RB2 or RBB soundtracks

#119 Posted by Drebin_893 (3002 posts) -

PSN - TheWhiteStripes

Sick game!

#120 Posted by Disengage (441 posts) -

KevinPestilence - Xbox 360

#121 Posted by Drazat (175 posts) -

Akuma1989 - xbox 360

#122 Posted by fluxbit (145 posts) -
@Darkstalker PSN: fluxbit
#123 Posted by Bundle85 (152 posts) -

Bundle85 - Xbox 360 - I have a lot of dlc

#124 Posted by BradBrains (1326 posts) -

Was away from the long weekend. everyone should be added now

sorry if i didn't get to any of your guys' score wars. im all apons now. ill try to add all you psn guys

#125 Posted by Bumpton (478 posts) -

Well, I suppose I should get in on this action!

360: KyleLTabor

No real music preference. I've got a ton of DLC.

#126 Posted by FadedOasis (65 posts) -

XBL: FadedOasis. Mostly rock. I don't really like country or metal.

#127 Posted by sikapwach (46 posts) -

@Darkstalker: sikapwach - all music welcome!

#128 Posted by Geveeso (28 posts) -

XBOX 360: Geveeso

Mostly Alternative, Rock or Indie. Very little country, metal or RBN songs.

#129 Posted by aseddon130 (72 posts) -

XBL: TheR0Nand0NLY ... anything but metal, that shit grates on me so badly.

#130 Posted by Keeng (1011 posts) -

PSN: Keeng

I just play.

#131 Posted by Tophat666 (250 posts) -

TG: Tophat666

All types of music, but if you need some Metal/Rock(classic/normal)/nu Metal, Im your guy.

I'll see you all on the field of battle.

#132 Posted by ragnarok7038 (68 posts) -

PSN: Ragnarok7038

Mostly metal in my collection, and a decent amount of classic rock.

#133 Posted by spartanzerox (17 posts) -

XBL - SpartanZEROX

#134 Posted by drgrumbles (227 posts) -

Xbox - Doctor Grumbles

I have over 900 songs so I probably have what you want to war on :)

#135 Edited by BRG9000 (111 posts) -

Xbox: BRG9000

Accepting all score wars challenges! I have rock band 1, 2, and lots of punk & rock dlc.

#136 Posted by sikapwach (46 posts) -

XBL - sikapwach


#137 Posted by TheGrumpyHatter (12 posts) -

Dunno if people are still playing this/checking this thread, but I just got the game.

XBL: TheGrumpyHatter

#138 Posted by MarkOnFire (82 posts) -

XBL: Markonfire

#139 Posted by cxhgrunt (31 posts) -

Bit late to the party but would love some more Rock Band / Blitz friends,
XBL: cxhgrunt

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