Which one of the default characters keeps beating your scores?

#1 Posted by craigymail (229 posts) -

I don't have a whole load of PSN friends so the default characters names keep popping up. I do not know about you guys but I keep getting angry that Mothership Q keeps beating my scores, that motherfucker appears to be awesome. I want to punch him right in the face! Which default (already made/already there/harmonix created) character keeps beating you?

#2 Posted by Sarumarine (2493 posts) -

Mothership Q is tough, but you'll never defeat The Duke. Or at least I won't anytime soon.

#3 Posted by CableCarrier (60 posts) -

I've only beaten The Duke and his stupid jacket a couple of times.

#4 Posted by WeepingWillow (40 posts) -

The Duke is no joke.

Also, WTB friends who play this game.

#5 Posted by Shaunage (795 posts) -

Mothership Q seem to be the 5 star score, and The Duke is gold stars.

#6 Posted by Phoenix654 (284 posts) -

@Shaunage: I think each character has a set number of stars. Moosejaw seems to be the 3 star guy, can't remember who the 4 star character is.

#7 Posted by 234r2we232 (3175 posts) -

The Duke. But I wish they would implement the actual Leaderboard scores into it rather than just friends.

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