Your Best Scores (aka The Bragging Thread)

#1 Posted by Kingpk (262 posts) -

So what's been your best performance in the game so far? According to my Rock Band World profile I'm highest rank of the included soundtrack at Moves Like Jagger (#516 of 14,587) and highest of imported songs at Wanted Dead or Alive (#22 of 948).

Come on, do some bragging. You know you want to.

#2 Posted by Vextroid (1459 posts) -

I'm number 1 on Kung Fu Fighting (PS3). Pretty proud of that.

#3 Posted by MildMolasses (3190 posts) -

I've been number 1 on a couple of songs, but that was a few days ago. I expect those scores to be trounced shortly

#4 Posted by Upfish (52 posts) -

I've been playing on 360 and I'm currently number 1 on Hello There by Cheap Trick. I've been ending up in the top 10% of scores pretty consistently, which I'm pretty proud of. My best score for the songs that came with the game is 184,717 on One Week, which Rock Band World says is in the top 0.09%.

#5 Edited by brownsfantb (425 posts) -

I'm number 1 on "Roxanne" by the Police on the 360. At least I was as of an hour or so ago. I'm in the top 100 on a lot of other songs as well.

I'm #124 on "A Little Less Sixteen Candles..." by Fall Out Boy as well, which is my highest rank on the songs that came with the game.

#6 Posted by TheBookNerd (90 posts) -

Currently #15 on "Donuts, Go Nuts" by Matt "Chainsaw" Chaney (XBox).

And I WILL be Number One. Oh yes, I will.

#7 Posted by RageKage14 (72 posts) -

31/73,786 on Death on Two Legs by Queen

15/15,844 on Shine

23/11,920 on Once Bitten Twice Shy

#8 Posted by ragnarok7038 (68 posts) -

I'm #2 on "Found Me the Bomb" altogether, and #1 on the PS3.

With the game... 18th on "Give It Away."

#9 Posted by TheBookNerd (90 posts) -

#1 on "Donuts, Go Nuts."

As promised.

#10 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1327 posts) -

I gold star all of the blitz songs.

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