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Rock Lives On, on the PSP? 7

Final Verdict: 5/5 Stars The Good: Great port while staying true to the Rock Band experience. Good song list. Fun, hectic, gameplay. The Bad: Poor load times. Some minor frame rate issues.         I have logged about 15-20 hours and just completed the world tour. Let me get this out of the way: This game is freaking awesome. Granted I was a huge fan of frequency and have fond memories of that game, but I remember one thing... that game was really hard. I guess RBU takes a page out that book. The...

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Rock band(I understand) Unplugged(WTF) 0

Unplugged what the hell is that suppose to mean, I get the meaning of portable but Unplugged(Sheesh). The game is okay because of the(utra-mega-super-overnice) good setlist and they got a good gameplay(think of Rock band with a big guitar, a drumset and a microfon so that you can play Rock band in the car, that wouldn't work would it) they could easily have done that but they didn't and for that I'm happy. I think the setlist is (utra-mega-super-overnice) good, but the game is too short, but the...

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I had a lot of fun with this Rock Band game.  Yea it might not have multiplayer modes but it really does have some fun gameplay to it.  I really enjoyed the whole switching instrument tracks as you play.  It does feel inspired by Frequency on the PS2 but at the same time having the whole Rock Band feel to it really feels good. I have grown tired of these band games, but I found this one to have just the right mix of gameplay that I really enjoyed it.  I would actually think packing this into fut...

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Not much of a rhythm game 0

When they showed the different tracks and said you had to switch between them to play all the instruments I thought that was really interesting, cool and couldn't wait to try it out, so when I got the chance I started my game, created a band and put my headphones on.Guitar hero and rock band are rhythm games but when switching between vocals, drums, bass and guitar. It's really hard to make any rhythm out of it. I remember failing songs in GH2 cause I was playing at night and didn't want to turn...

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Rock Band Unplugged Review 0

Rock Band: Unplugged is not the game you might be expecting. Instead of recreating the classic console multiplayer experience on the handheld, Harmonix intriguingly decided to get back to their roots with what is essentially a homage to their own cult hits, Amplitude and Frequency. It works surprisingly well, yet you may be left wanting after playing.The core elements of the now standard Guitar Hero/ Rock band formula remain- hit the coloured gems which race down the screen in beat to the music....

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review time!!!! 0

A handheld version of a popular, plastic-heavy music game doesn’t need to be difficult. Just ditch the instruments! For Guitar Hero: On Tour, Activision created an unnecessary and obstructive dongle to affix on the DS, making that game out to be more of a gimmick than anything. For Rock Band Unplugged, Harmonix thankfully didn’t feel the need to ship you a drum kit eleven times the size of your PSP. Their past work on games like Frequency and Amplitude carries over in literal ways, and it works....

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