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The Rock Band guitar features 5 upper fret buttons which function like other guitar controllers. It also has 5 frets near the body of the guitar which allow you to tap solos without strumming and tap without strumming durring big rock endings. The guitar also features a five way switch that lets you change the sound of the guitar effects when Overdrive is activated or when you are in solo sections of the song. The guitar also has a Whammy Bar and start and select buttons that look like volume knobs.

Third Party Rock Band Guitars

Nyko Frontman Guitar for PS3
There are several third party guitars available for Rock Band.  On of the first third party guitars to be compatible with Rock Band was the Nyko Frontman.  The Nyko Frontman is available for the PS2 and PS3 versions of Rock Band, the Wii and 360 versions of Rock Band are not supported as of yet.  On release, the Nyko Frontman had good reviews.  There were complaints about the "sponginess" of the buttons but everything was very functional.  The Nyko Frontman Guitar is the only guitar available on for PS3 that is compatible with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3.

Mad Catz has a line of Rock Band licensed guitars compatible with Rock Band on PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.  There are standard guitar and bass guitar versions of the MAd Catz instruments.  The Fender bass retails for $69.99 and features a dual strummer for fast plucking while their Telecaster wired guitar retails for $79.99.

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