Tarquinn here, anyone else?

#1 Posted by Tarquinn2049 (14 posts) -

After using this name for a good 14 years online, it's always so weird to go and play some Rock and Roll Racing now. To actually hear Larry saying 'my' name.

Anyway, point of the post, anyone else been using an RnRR name as their pseudonym?

I know there were a lot of good ones, I usually call any kind of video game pets Ivanzypher. Hopefully he doesn't mind the slight.

#2 Posted by Tarquinn2049 (14 posts) -

Oh, um, as a follow up, I was wondering if anyone had an idea as to where the name originated? Best I could come up with is that the Kabalarians offer it as an optional baby name. Not really sure who the Kabalarians are. Other than that, all Google searches basically come up with hits on stuff I have done with this name.

#3 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2545 posts) -

well, i'm not using a Rock n' Roll racing name, but thats pretty cool that you are!

#4 Posted by Dooops (227 posts) -

Using my own name as well but thought I would drop by and say how much I loved the soundtrack to this game!!!

#5 Posted by Endogene (4742 posts) -

haaa i remember this one, didn't played it for long but the time i played it i enjoyed it
perhaps i rented it way back for a week

#6 Posted by GenghisJohn (257 posts) -

was just thinking about this game.  RnRR rules!

#7 Posted by tarquinnff3 (4 posts) -

@tarquinn2049 said:

Oh, um, as a follow up, I was wondering if anyone had an idea as to where the name originated?

I don't know of any uses with the double n, but Tarquin is the name of two of the seven legendary kings of Rome.

Also, I've been using Tarquinn is my screen name since I first had the internet as well. It's a great name.

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