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Does anyone have information on when this game is supposed to be released for the PS3? I thought, definitely, that it would be out today since Steam gets it tomorrow... but it was not included in the store update.

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According to a dev (Carlos Bordeu) on their forums they don't have a firm release date for PS3 but just like with Steam they plan to add something in compensation to the release when it does drop.

QUOTE (BJas @ Aug 31 2011, 01:57 PM)
And the PSN community will have some sort of compensation?

We'll try to have something for you guys too.
There's zero chance we wont release it on PS3, so don't worry. You will survive...
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Here's a link to the Ace Team forums with progress updates, sounds like they had a real tough time chasing bugs around the PS3 architecture since the PC/X360 versions have been out since August but I guess it's forgivable for their first PS3 game.

Having finally got a capable laptop and installing Steam last week, I'm still in two minds whether to see if it can handle the game (and use my PS3 controllers on the couch) or wait and see how much the Sony tax is

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