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A great game for the price

Rock of Ages is a short, but extremely fun game. it costs $9.99 on Steam, which it is easily worth.The game goes through different historical periods and their respective art styles. You battle notable people who were in notable artworks of the era, an example is "Death" from the medieval era or Leonidas in the Ancient Greek Era. Rock of Ages features three singleplayer gamemodes. The first is the campaign, where you go through the ages battling people by going down a track, destroying their castle and setting up defense to make sure their boulder either can't reach or can't do alot of damage to your castle. The campaign is a good 4-6 hours in length, depending on whether you want to get all of the collectible keys that each map has hidden around it. The next gamemode is skeeball, where your boulder goes down an empty map from the campaign three times, smashing targets for points. At the end of the map, you have a chance to launch your boulder into an actual skeeball target, which acts as a point multiplier. You can compare your highscores with other players through online leaderboards. The last singleplayer gamemode is time trail. In time trila, you are given an empty map from the campaign and must simply get to the bottom as quickly as posilbe. the scoring system for time trail is divided up into gold, Silver, and bronze medals. the multiplayer mods are War, which is basically a map from the singleplayer campaign with 2 humans playing against each other. The other is a competitive version of skeeball. UInfortunatley, the multiplayer for the PC at least is a little barren right now and I couldn't find a game. Fortunately rock of Ages has offline multiplayer for PC, so that isn't a huge problem right now. This game is also extremely funny. Imagine Monty Python crossed with art history, with a few great videogame and movie references thrown in.  All in all, Rock of Ages is a great game the deserves to be bought and played.

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Posted by denzil3009

Review wasn't really helpful. 
All it did was explain was it pretty much in the description. :/

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