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Xbox 360 Review: Rock Revolution 1

From the moment I first laid eyes on Rock Revolution, my first thought was "Oh, my, Konami, what the **** have you done?"  From the start, RR reeked of Guitar Hero/Rock Band copycat imitation with an interface that paled in comparison to the latter titles.  With the maddening success of Guitar Freaks and DrumMania in Japan (and, technically, the U.S. Guitar Freaks cabinet - made by the same publisher as the wretched Rock Revolution, mind you - released way back in 1999), it still boggles everyon...

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The best fifty cents I've ever spent. 0

I found this game on clearance for fifty cents, and it was the best gaming deal I've ever gotten.  I mean, think about it.  You can't even buy a pack of Reese's for that much.  Fifty cents, what are you going to buy, half a can of coke?  Or a FULL, REAL XBOX 360 GAME.  This game once cost $60.  That is a discount of 120%.  Come on.  Somebody worked for months, maybe even a year to make a game, and less than two years after it's release it costs fifty fucking cents.  YOU CAN'T EVEN BUY AN NES GAM...

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balls asses 3

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An excellent product! Must-buy! 0

I believe that Rock Revolution is a video game worthy of any XBOX 360 owner's collection. The core gameplay is absolutely fantastic, delivering an incredibly deep guitaring, singing, and drumming experience. There was not a single time where this game had me bored. There is so much to do in this game that you will spend hundreds of hours on it. Another thing that Rock Revolution does well is its songs. Among the gigantic song list are classics such as Avril Lavigne's "Sk8ter Boi", a personal fav...

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Highway to Hell 0

 When I rented out Rock Revolution from my store last week, my co-worker said, “I must be obsessed with guitar games for renting out that piece of  shit.” I replied to him that I do it so I can review it, and make a comparison to the three guitar games out there, so I plopped myself down and fired up the game, ready for whatever experience they throw at me. Then I plopped back up a few hours later, wanting to burn the disc in front of me for being so terrible. Thank god I got to play this for f...

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