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I have played my fair share of rhythm games on the Nintendo ds and i enjoyed every one of them but this game i just can not enjoy.
When you are told how the game play works you go "OK this could be neat" but the presentation is what kill it all.
This game looks like a cheap Saturday morning cartoon and the worst is that it SOUNDS like a Saturday morning cartoon. If there is one thing that should important in a music game than it is the music.
Just image you take a old radio, put on a song, but the radio in a box and then throw the box in a bathtub, that is about the sound that comes out of this game and mind you i am playing this with headphones.

Only thing i liked about this game is how when you pres start in the beginning you hear someone screaming "OHH YEAAAHHH" but that is just because it reminded me of Dr Rockso

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This is Blasphemy!

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