Wow, there's actually a Rocket Jockey page!

#1 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (3909 posts) -

Thought I'd test how extensive this database is at the start, and sure enough, there's a page for one of my favorite little-known PC titles.  I'd kill to see a sequel for this game.  Anyone else remember Rocket Jockey?

#2 Posted by dantebk (218 posts) -

How weird, I was also testing how extensive the database is, and this was the first game I thought of. 

I love Rocket Jockey!  I don't even know if I need a sequel, so much as an upgrade.  How about Rocket Jockey HD for XBLA?  This game always had so many weird tricky things you could do, the achievements could be awesome.  "Tie two opponents together with one cable - 15G"

#3 Posted by Termite (2398 posts) -

What is rockey jockey?

Now I feel like an idiot :P

#4 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (3909 posts) -

Click this and all will be revealed.  Excuse the game's graphics though, as it did come out in 1996.

#5 Posted by Godzilla_Bankrolls (27 posts) -

Wow....not only is there a page for this game, other people actually remember it exists! This game sucked many hours of my life back in junior high and I always hoped there would be a sequel with proper online, yet that sadly never happened. I wish Valve would update this with the source engine. This game would be absolutely bonkers with 24 people flying around harpooning each other with ragdoll physics. I went and made myself sad.


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