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The Rocket Launcher is the Soldier's primary weapon. It can be used to rocket jump to great heights, blast enemies away, and take down Engineer buildings from a safe distance. Staying true to the "higher ground" school of tactics, the Rocket Launcher is more effective when shooting down on foes because this angle takes full advantage of the rocket's splash damage. The knockback of a rocket can be a very effective anti-Über mechanism when fired at an Übercharged Medic; the explosion will cause the Medic to fly away from his healing target, breaking the link and making the Übered opponent vulnerable again.

The Rocket Launcher suffers from two ammo problems. The first is a low ceiling on the total number of carried rockets. Without a dispenser or conveniently located ammo boxes, a trigger-happy Soldier can run out of rockets in no time. The second problem is keeping the Rocket Launcher loaded with rockets; the launcher only holds four at a time and the Soldier reloads them rather slowly, so use any seconds of downtime available to keep it stocked up.


Clip Size4
Ammo Capacity20
Bullets Per Shot1
Damage (Point-Blank)105-112
Damage (Medium Range)50-90
Damage (Long Range)45-60
Mini Crit Damage112
Critical Hit Damage270
Rate of FireSlow
Projectile Type/Projectile SpeedProjectile/Medium
Reload TypeOne at a time


  • The Rocket Launcher is available in Strange and Festive versions from Mann Co. Supply Crates #20 and #35, respectively.
  • Unlike the Demoman's Grenade Launcher, the Rocket Launcher shoots rockets in a straight trajectory, making taking down Sentry nests easier from far away.
  • A skilled Pyro can reflect a Soldier's rockets, dealing a critical hit on anyone caught in the blast.

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