Go Forth and Multiply (XBOX 360)

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Trying to get this Go Forth and Multiply achievement. I need 1 person to play an online match with, last time I was on literally not ONE person was playing online.

My gamer tag is: G izzle1011

Feel free to add me, can do this whenever convenient for you!

EDIT: I got someone to help. If you also need this achievement just add me!! Willing to help!

#2 Posted by SUPER_STANO (52 posts) -

I'm gonna add you...I just picked this up last week since it was like 3 bucks and also had problems playing on live

#3 Posted by rockyhorrorgerri (402 posts) -

@SUPER_STANO: No problem. Did you also have the issue with actually getting on the live portion. I did and found a way around it. Otherwise just send me a message whenever I'm on and i'll hop on Rocket Riot

#4 Posted by SUPER_STANO (52 posts) -

Yeah every time it said I need to be connected to live even though I was. I figured at first maybe their servers were shut off since it was an older game, but then read it was just some issue the game had.

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