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The title screen.
MegaMan: Battle & Chase is a cart racing game in the vain of Nintendo's Mario Kart series. It was released only in Japan for the Playstation in 1997, and then re-released for the PS2 & GameCube as part of the MegaMan X Collection in 2006.


The gameplay of MegaMan Battle & Chase is similar to the Mario Kart games. The game features custom option for the vehicles that the character rides such as, body, engine, wing, and tire, it also adds a bit of strategy to the gameplay. Each vehicle has its own two unique abilities and a special meter, one regular attack and a special attack when the player's meter is charged up.

For example, Gustman can throw giant rocks as his regular attack and can cause earthquakes when his special meter is charged; while MegaMan can shoot projectile to slow down enemies and shoot big projectiles to fully stop enemies when his meter is charged up.

ProtoMan, catching up to Roll.
The single player is played by earning parts - from the other racer's cart - when the player defeats his or her opponet. The parts can be used to help the player win other races but they do have their strength & weaknesses, it also adds a bit of strategy to the gameplay. For example, some race tracks have a extensive amount of dirt plains, going through them can slow down the player's vehicle; that's where Gutsman's "Press Tires" comes in.

Characteristic of vehicle parts

  • Body: Weapon.
  • Engine: Performance.
  • Wing: Acceleration.
  • Tire: Control.



Black Troops Members.

Black Troops Members

Black Troops members are secret racers that sometimes appears at the beginning of a race.
  • Black Joe
  • Black 4 Roader
  • Black Yellow Devil


Rush Roadstar.
Rush Roadstar
  • Body: Rush Body.
  • Engine: Twin Engine.
  • Wing: Starter Wing
  • Tire: All-Round Tire

Pop'N Beat.
Pop'N Beat
  • Body: Beat Body.
  • Engine: Follow Engine.
  • Wing: Feather Wing.
  • Tire: Non-Drift Tire.

Red Striker.
Red Striker
  • Body: Shield Body.
  • Engine: L-Blow Engine.
  • Wing: Hi-Speed Wing.
  • Tire: Sharp Tire.

Treble DarkStar.
Treble DarkStar
  • Body: Treble Body.
  • Engine: Double Engine.
  • Wing: Accel. Wing.
  • Tire: Almighty Tire.

Wilds Arms.
Wild Arms
  • Body: Twin Arm Body.
  • Engine: Slope Engine.
  • Wing: Power Wing.
  • Tire: Press Tire.

Sonic Formula.
Sonic Formula
  • Body: Turbo Body.
  • Engine: Dash Engine.
  • Wing: Rocket Wing.
  • Tire: On-Road Tire.

Cool Mobile.
Cool Mobile
  • Body: Polar Body.
  • Engine: Aurora Engine.
  • Wing: Blizzard Wing.
  • Tire: Non-Slip Tire.

Shinobi Master.
Shinobi Master
  • Body: Ninja Body.
  • Engine: Idaton Engine.
  • Wing: Hayate Wing.
  • Tire: Fuuma Tire.

Patriot Bomber.
Patriot Bomber
  • Body: Full Metal Body.
  • Engine: Device Engine.
  • Wing: Counter Wing.
  • Tire: E-Guard Tire.

Surprise Boxer.
Surprise Boxer
  • Body: Turn Punch Body.
  • Engine: Happy Engine.
  • Wing: Lucky Wing.
  • Tire: Hopper Tire.

Hand Grandeur
Hand Grandeur
  • Body: Giga Fist Body.
  • Engine: Final Engine.
  • Wing: Maximum Wing.
  • Tire: Supreme Tire.

Skull Machine.
Skull Machine
  • Body: Bone Head Body.
  • Engine: Nova Engine
  • Wing: Barrier
  • Tire: Ultimate Tire.


  • Course select screen.
    Sky Circuit 1
  • Sky Circuit 2
  • Sky Circuit 3
  • City Course
  • Sunset Course
  • Rocky Mountain Course
  • South Pole Course
  • Ridge Course
  • Crystal Course
  • Arms Factory Course
  • Toy Factory Course
  • Base Course
  • Space Course
  • Wily Fortress Course


The game finally made its way outside of Japan in the form of MageMan X Collection. A collection of MegaMan X games (X1 to X6), and as a added bonus to the game, Battle & Chase was a part of the compilation.

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