PC version audio lag

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So I'm really interested in Rocksmith, but the one thing that might keep me from buying it is the possibility that there will be too much audio lag for it to be enjoyable. Has anyone who already has the realtone cable tried the demo on steam, and if so, how bad would you say that the audio lag is? How is it compared to the audio lag on the consoles?

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I got Rocksmith today and have been messing around with it.

The default latency setting is "4", which was very responsive. I'm fairly certain it means 4ms of latency, which is plenty fast. I lowered it to 1ms though and it's working fine like that too.

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I bought it today, I've been messing around in the demo (since there was no CD-key in my box) and I found it to be pretty responsive too. I'm certain that the value "4" doesnt mean "4 ms", but rather has something to do with how often the game "empties" the audio cache or something like that. I've lowered it to 1 too, without any audio crackling or any other problem. I could notice a bit of lag at 4, but at 1 it's not noticeable, which is great!

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