Rocksmith for the Personal Computer, has anyone tried it ?

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Hello duders.

After watching the QL and reading pages on the internet I got really interested in Rocksmith. I want to pick up the Personal Computer version of this game and have a few questions for those who tried it.

1. I noticed many console gamers complain about audio lag that has something to do with HDMI and other weird audio/video stuff that I don't understand. Does the PC version have the same issues ? I am going to connect it with the bundled USB cable and play it with my 7.1 headphones.

2. The game comes with a guitar, is it any good ? And how is it different from other electric guitars ?

3. Can this game turn me into a ROCK GOD like Patrick Klepek or Vinny Caravella ?

Thanks duders.

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@Liber: Stop saying Personal Computer like an MS employee! 
And to answer your question: Apparently not :/
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