This worth playing as part of a Rockstar marathon

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Since i'm in the middle of a break from uni, I've decided to go on a Rockstar marathon, replaying Bully, Red Dead Redemption, and finishing GTA 4. That being said, if i'm going to go though of Rockstar's catalog from this gen (except Max Payne 3) I don't know if this anomaly is worth diving into. The reviews say it's good, but its a table tennis game that cost $40 at launch and the idea of this being good sounds insane. So I ask from people who have probably played it, is this worth playing?

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It was essentially a RAGE engine tech demo. I bought it almost for that, but as a sports game it is fun. A bit bare bones, slightly tough but I enjoyed it. There is nothing to it though. No story mode, no writing. Just straight up table tennis. A bit bland.

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I've heard good things, that despite the 'weirdness' of a Rockstar table tennis game, it's a quality product. Hell, it's one of the few TT games - pick that shit up!

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Pretty decent game in short bursts, but it can start to feel cheap on higher difficulties. You'll probably be tempted to just game the system by serving at an angle that the AI can't return. Also, Liu Ping is one hard dude.

If you happen to enjoy the music in Rockstar games, it's got some super tasty techno beats:

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