Yep, Rockstar Games is Still Working on Agent

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#51 Posted by Kyle (2323 posts) -

Is it telling that I don't even remember hearing about Agent at all?

#52 Posted by Kyle (2323 posts) -
@positron said:
Any word on Bully 2?
It's all but confirmed that it's happening. There was a few leaks about it last year.
#53 Posted by Korolev (1703 posts) -

Well, if Rockstar is making it, I'm interested at the very least. The name 'agent' sound promising. Secret Service Agent? DEA agent? CIA or FBI agent? ICE agent? The possibilities are endless! Please make a game about undercover police work - that stuff's fascinating and the agents who take part in that sort of thing earn my respect due to the constant danger they are in.

#54 Posted by leftzero101 (86 posts) -

Does anyone still think its just a PS3 game?
#55 Posted by TechnoHermit (17 posts) -

It'll never come out.

#56 Posted by Lurkero (394 posts) -

After what they were able to pull off with LA Noire I have confidence that this will get done.
Unlike other games from other publishers like "I Am Alive".

#57 Posted by jakob187 (21662 posts) -

I'll be honest: another open-world game is not what I want from Rockstargames, and if that's what Agent is, it will be quite disappointing. Maybe it's all the talk from last week's Bombcast about what it would be like to have Rockstar working in a small focused space. It could also be that while I looooooove LA Noire, the game is basically "look at things and talk while we give you the option to ignore this whole world we created around you". I honestly don't know WHAT I want from them now, as I'm sick of their open world games. It's all getting a bit TOO dense now, isn't it?

#58 Posted by Vodun (2370 posts) -
@Kyle said:
@positron said:
Any word on Bully 2?
It's all but confirmed that it's happening. There was a few leaks about it last year.
Imagine the facial expressions of wedgied teenagers that will be possible with Bondi's face tech!
#59 Posted by TheHT (11088 posts) -

Wait... wasn't this cancelled?

#60 Posted by falling_fast (2205 posts) -

as someone who won't even watch trailers most of the time, I kind of like this

#61 Edited by xyzygy (9935 posts) -

Honestly do not want another open world game. LA Noire is great simply because of the linearity to it and it's focus on story and investigation. Open world games need to do something special because they're so damn bland now. 
Also, I remember hearing something about this game a long time ago and how it was a multiplayer focused shooter? Back when it was announced it was being compared to APB. 
Also also, who wants to bet that Rockstar will want to put this out on the 360 too? Their games sell better on the 360 so it would be weird for them to do a PS3 exclusive.

#62 Posted by KingX (220 posts) -

After Sony's blatant mess that has been all over the place for the last month Im amazed that developers wanna have anytning to do with Sony at all.

#63 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1726 posts) -
@KingX: I'm not. Companies like money. 
#64 Posted by Winternet (8012 posts) -

This is some deep, extensive, 3-page news. Or not.

#65 Posted by KingX (220 posts) -
@Vegetable_Side_Dish: Exactly, and how much money have they been doing latley when the store was and still is broken. ps3 sales on physical games have dropped like crazy around this area at least.
#66 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1726 posts) -
@KingX: Uhuh, and how much money will they be throwing away by ignoring a platform that would almost double their potential user base for future games?  
I can't see how this isn't completely obvious. 
#67 Posted by KingX (220 posts) -

I don't think people are just ignoring it. I think ppl got tired of waiting and got a 360 instead. I guess we'll see what Sony has in store to gain back trust.

#68 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1726 posts) -
@KingX: Dear lord. That's because PSN wasn't working. As soon as its all back up theres no doubt sales will shoot back to somewhere close to where they were before.
#69 Posted by KingX (220 posts) -
@Vegetable_Side_Dish: I don't think the lord has anything to do with this, sir! :) Well, time will tell. I'm not rurling out that this will be a really good uphill for Sony. 
But regarding agent, the worst that can happen is that Sony just looses its exclusivness, which to me ain't a problem.
#70 Posted by bwooduhs (1616 posts) -

Super hyped about this even though i know absolutely nothing about it. Rockstar hasn't let me down yet this gen.

#71 Posted by Valkyr (667 posts) -

I want to see a PS3 optimized open world Rockstar game before the end of this gen, inFamous 2 looks sick but it's god-damned Rockstar and their budget is way up anything SuckerPunch could have spent on a game.

#72 Edited by MajesticOverlord (183 posts) -

I thought they released an article stating that Agent was cancelled? 

#73 Posted by MachoFantastico (4584 posts) -

Really? Thought that was cancelled a while back. 

#74 Posted by OldManLight (834 posts) -


#75 Posted by Hitchenson (4682 posts) -
@SteamPunkJin said:
So when do they buckle and admit it's going multiplatform?  I honestly don't see why any 3rd party Dev would make an exclusive in this day and age.
Because the 360's so old it feels like churning a wheel at this point.
#76 Posted by CookieMonster (2416 posts) -

Always bet on Agent.

#77 Posted by jaffaz (138 posts) -

Oh my god it sounds so good!!! Oh wait...

#78 Posted by Hourai (2795 posts) -

I hope this gets as good a budget as LA Noire. 

#79 Edited by Xpgamer7 (2379 posts) -

alright then. 
EDIT:@thehexeditor said:

@Goopynose said:
Could this PS3 Agent title be something along the lines of Heavy Rain? That would be neat....but I kind of doubt it.
I was hoping it would be like a Hitman meets Heavy Rain
That sounds frickin awesome.
#80 Posted by ribeye (411 posts) -

i'm gonna go ahead and guess that this game isn't coming out in 2011, there hasn't been jack shit for updates for like 6 months....

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