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Title screen of the home version

Rodland was orignally released for the arcades, but was made for several other home systems and computers. The arcade version differs greatly from the home versions because it features better graphics and many more levels. The arcade essentially featured a sequel of Rodland upon completion of the game. It feels like a sequel because it features even better visuals and many original levels. The home consoles and computers never received a version of Rodland featuring the sequel.


Tam and Rit holding the Rods of Sheesanomo

Fairies Tam and Rit find out that their mother has been kidnapped by evil monsters. They are each granted with magical wands, called the Rods of Sheesanomo, that give them powers. With their new powers they can defeat the monsters and rescue their kidnapped mother.


Gameplay resembles many platformers of the time

Rodland is an action platformer where you play as fairies Tam and Rit. Each level is featured entirely on one screen, and the levels are populated with monsters. The goal is to simply to defeat all the enemies on screen using tricks and the magic wands. The magic wands can only stun the monsters, but once they are stunned you can kill them. The fairies navigate levels by running along multiple platforms that are connected by ladders. There are ladders in each level, but the player can also create ladders. Every time you create a ladder the previous one disappears which allows opportunities to dispose of enemies.

Bonus Levels

The arcade version featured a sequel with a new story, levels and visuals, but the gameplay stayed largely the same. In the sequel you still play as Tam and Rit, but this time they are out to avenge their father's death. Tam and Rit travel through a pyramid where the enemy that killed their father rests. Throughout the game they are guided by the ghost of their father for help in the game.

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