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Outbreak: File 2

Rodriguez is initially shown as a helicopter pilot who was ready to transport Umbrella employee, Linda, out of the City. She halts the evacuation, however, asking that she first must collect the T-Virus cure she and fellow scientist Carter created. He stresses that she only has so much time before he'll leave without her. After she procures the cure with the player character(s) help, she is shot by U.B.C.S. Sniper Arnold, who mistook her for a zombie. Because of the shot, Linda is gravely wounded and needs to be manually escorted by the player to make any substantial progress.

With the player character(s) help, she may be able to escape on Rodriguez's chopper along with the player character(s). If they take too long and Code XX--the order for the destruction of Raccoon City--has been initiated, he'll leave without her. During this scenario as Rodriguez escapes, an Umbrella executive will try to shoot him down. He'll miss, but the forced maneuver of Rodriguez causes his cargo, a B.O.W. titled Nyx, to fall onto the motorway below.

The player character(s) and Linda must then climb through the building reaching the runway that Nyx landed on. This will force a boss battle with the creature. After it has been killed, the player character(s) and Linda will escape by truck. Though for both of these scenarios it is possible for the player(s) to ignore Linda and escape without her. This will consequentially give the player a worse ending, however. No matter how the player character(s) escape the City, Rodriguez is assured to survive.

Rodriguez can be bought as a character skin which is set over David King's character complete with his skills and animations.

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