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Rogue Galaxy (PS2)
Rogue Galaxy (PS2)
So, I've never actually played Rogue Galaxy till just yesterday. My brother went to GameStop to pick up a good RPG and came to me with it, so I started my own file on his game (though I don't actually own it, since he doesn't live with me). I'm thinking about getting it off eBay now though to continue my playthrough, but so far I'm impressed.

I just finished the Departure chapter and am on the ship with Steve and Simon and company. It was pretty funny though, the beginning of the game reminded me of a sped up version of Kingdom Hearts. They see the boy with the Galactic Sword (keyblade) and know he's the one, then Simon and Steve (small and chubby = Donald, tall and skinny = Goofy) join you, fight with you and take you to their Space Ship (Gummi Ship). Anyone else see the comparison?

Anyway, I'm really liking the game so far and I'm actually inviting my brother over today just so I can get in some more of the game. What're everyone else's thoughts on the game?
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I bought this game when it came out, although if I'm honest it's still sitting unopened on my shelf, I should really give it a go as it looked amazing. Let me know how it pans out for you ;)

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Once you're in Vedan and get off the elevator, have Jaster or Zegram step down from the plateau but make sure Kisala stays on there. Then switch to Kisala and carefully reposition her so her butt is turned to your face (but be very careful or Jaster/Zegram will jump up the plateau). Then switch back to Jaster/Zegram and if you zoom in and pan the camera just right you should be able to see her green (assuming she's wearing her default outfit) panties.

Yes, I found that spot all by myself and deliberately looked for it -- enjoy it man.

But in all seriousness -- great game. I loved it so much that it beat it in only 5 days (10 hours a day), which is a rarity for me. It certainly would've benefitted from including some healing spells though, because you'll be relying on potions the entire game. Soon enough money won't be an issue anymore though, so no need to worry about that.

Oh, and the story is incredibly cheesy, derrirative, predictable, and nothing to write home about -- so that's something you should probably know beforehand (I tend to play RPGs -- especially action RPGs -- mainly for their gameplay, so I was never bothered by it).

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@Axersia: Thanks for the hint, and yeah, the story does sound a bit cheesy, but the gameplay's great, I'm loving how it incorporates action elements into the game outside battle.
@Soap: Open it up and give it a go, you'll love it.

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