ps2 vs ps3 emulation vs ps2 with component?

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So I got rogue galaxy for ps2. The first time i launched it was on my ps3 (with software emulation) and the "smooth" function turned on. Aside from the aspect ratio(4:3) the game looked basically like something that would come out today, or would be acceptable today. I then tried this on the ps2 with a similar lcd screen because with the ps2, i can move that around where as that would be a bad idea for the ps3. The game looks so very blurry that i dont want to play it this way. Now, I am thinking maybe if i get a component cable( the av cables with red green blue) the game will look much better on ps2 but I am unsure. You think its worth it?

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I have heard people say they get a slightly better picture with component cables, and others say they saw no difference at all. So you might get a slightly better picture with the cables, but it will probably come nowhere near as good as the smoothing option on the PS3, so probably not worth it.

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Games do look slightly better with the component cables, though I had to mess around with my TVs settings quite a bit. However, hooking a PS2 game to an HDTV will never look good. I'd chose the digital version every time, and if it's not digitally available, find a SDTV with Component ports and play on that.

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All the component cables do is change it from 480i to 480p. At least I'm pretty sure.

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so I just decided to suck it up and play it on my ps3. It is seriously a giant difference. I can only imagine it looking even better on my laptop with an emulator but i rather not play it there, it would get lost with all my other pc games.

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@Jams said:

All the component cables do is change it from 480i to 480p. At least I'm pretty sure.

That's a fairly big difference.

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