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#1 Posted by Ross (421 posts) -

Does this game still hold up today in terms of being fun? With Ni No Kuni coming out, I'm interested in Level-5's other games as well.

#2 Posted by WarlordPayne (713 posts) -

I haven't played it recently so I can't definitively say yes...but I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't.

#3 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -

I tried to play it a few years ago and I thought the dungeons were way too big. They went on and on, and I get tired of it, never finishing it.

#4 Posted by Pink_o_mat (221 posts) -

It's a fun action rpg with great production values. Very slow start, but once you have a decent crew it's great. Expect a LOT of grinding and loot / inventory management (it's Level 5). I never finished the game, but I really enjoyed the 30 or so hours I played.

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Hmm I've been curious about this game aswell, wanna play it on my PS3
Wonder if I can find it somewhere, maybe in the used bin at my local Gamestop, as much as I dislike used games

#6 Posted by SpunkyHePanda (1872 posts) -

I'm sure it does, so long as you like their style of game. A lot of repetition but very addictive.

#7 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7077 posts) -

I'd definitely say so, along with their unofficial spiritual predecessors Dark Cloud 1 & 2. There really haven't been any games this generation like them, and the gameplay is still ridiculously addictive. I'm fond of the graphics too, but people's opinions will vary on that, I'm sure.

#8 Posted by killacam (1321 posts) -

It has Galaxy in the title, so I say yes. I picked this up along with DQVIII off Kijiji a couple of months ago. No idea when I'll actually be able to get to them though...

#9 Posted by MiniPato (2809 posts) -

Well it's an action RPG, not turn based. Kinda like Kingdom Hearts in terms of core gameplay mechanic. So I don't see how it wouldn't hold up. The only issue I have with the game is that dungeons can go on for fucking ever. Like in every single Level 5 game, at least on consoles, there's tons of shit to do. I didn't enjoy it as much as Dark Cloud 2, but it is still a pretty damn good game and pretty too. Think one of the big gimmicks the game had going for it was that there were no loading screens except when traveling between planets.

BTW, if you haven't played Dark Cloud 2 and Dragon Quest 8, go play them now! Neither of them requires playing previous games so you can jump into them right away. Dragon Quest 8 has a very simplistic JRPG battle system, but it has so much stuff to do and has a huge overworld that is to scale with your character. Plus it has that same charm that Ni No Kuni has since it was localized by the same guy.

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The game is like an inferior version of Skies of Arcadia, and even then it is really good. The dungeons are sometimes long and repetitive, but there is a lot of stuff to do in the game. Things like catching bugs so that you can battle them out SRPG style and an item creation minigame in which you have to place factory pieces together.

Disclosure: I haven't played that game since it came out back in 2007.

#11 Posted by Somnus (89 posts) -

When i played the game, my opinion of it was "meh". I think the gameplay is just okay. The story was junk. You should really play Dragon Quest 8 instead, that game was really good.

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