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Recently I started playing Rogue Galaxy and it quickly got me hooked, in particular, lovin' the Weapon Synthesis feature. I wanted to benefit from it to the fullest, so I began to read guides and FAQs on its combinations.

Alright then, got some weapons and after finding the formula for each combination I will make the best weapon possible with them! ...That was what I thought I was doing.

I fused through 6 swords I had and got a Sparo Breaker for Jaster. I was happy until I re-read the combination list and found out that I could've done a better sword, Murakumo Type-X, using the very same swords... What the heck? That got me pissed off, mainly because it took me more than one hour trying to associate the best chain of combinations between those 6 weapons that would lead me to the best sword possible in one go (I'm a perfectionist). Then I wondered about all the other types of weapons, the time it would cost me to reach the best combinations.

Argh, I had two choices:

  1. Do like everyone else out there and just keep mixing every best stuff you find and get random (usually good) results.
  2. Program a helper for perfect Weapon Synthesis. :D

Well, I call it Duo-sintetizador. It's a tiny alchemist-like JavaScript program that you can run with any browser: Firefox, IE8+, Chrome, Opera, Safari. It's not a website, you open it in your own computer.

Here's how it looks like (using Chrome):

Data comes included. Thanks to FractalWolf for the formulas and to MaloFresk for the levels and powers (although I had to do tons of corrections on their lists).

You can see there the weapons I had: 1 Grand Edge, 1 Ridge Crusher, 2 Rock Crushers and 2 Shining Horns.

And that's basically what you do with the program: you inform it the weapons you're carrying and it shows you one path for each possible craftable weapon, costing the minimum of your weapons.

Although the number of weapons you can enter is virtually unlimited, this program is exponentially CPU intensive! I mean, if you have 3 weapons it will test through 3 syntheses before showing the results. If you have 4, it will do 18 tests, 5: 180 tests, 6: 2700 tests, and so on, according to this list. I suggest you to limit a maximum of 6 weapons.

Currently I'm still playing the game and I got my Spirit Calibur at Juraika (Chapter 2) without pain, among other items. This program is being really useful to me, and now I hope it can also be useful to you guys who are playing Rogue Galaxy now.

Here's the link for it.

Any questions or broken link, please tell me.

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