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Rogue Galaxy in 2015 (PS4 Re-Release) 2

When they're not shoving out confused, mechanically stillborn garbage like White Knight Chronicles, Level 5 can crank out some damn great games. Their greatest trifecta to date is the loosely-defined trilogy of PS2 era action-RPGs Dark Cloud 1 & 2 and their spiritual successor Rogue Galaxy.At the time of its release, Rogue Galaxy was ambitious, but suffered from severe frame rate problems and long, often buggy loading times, particularly when it came to the game's gorgeous cinematics sequenc...

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The PS2 Still Has Life In It! 1

Level 5 brings a superb adventure of space piracy and saving the galaxy in their latest title, Rogue Galaxy. Though the game is very traditional, as far as RPG's go, it doesn't follow the Japanese style per say, trading that in for the Star Ocean style instead. In fact you will notice quite a few similarities with this title and Star Ocean III. Luckily for all involved, Star Ocean was a fantastic game and this one is just as good if not a little better. Level 5 proves that you don't have to be a...

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Rogue Galaxy is yet another reason to keep your PS2! 0

Rogue Galaxy starts out on the planet called Rosa, homeplanet of the main character Jaster. Jaster a teenage boy was abanded as a child, Raul a priest took Jaster into his care, and became a father like figure to Jaster. Jaster dreamed of traveling the galaxy, this wish is fulfilled one day as a giant creature attacks his town, this starts off a chain of important events. He runs off to fight the creature, and is paired with another ally, Desert Claw, a very famous, and well known legendary hunt...

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A very solid and satisfying voyage for the wide-eyed adventurer. 0

Rogue Galaxy is a very enjoyable adventure that offers an abundance of things to do and places to explore. The game is far from perfect, but it serves as a worthy purchase for aficionados of Action-RPGs. The game starts on a simple note: A youngster on a remote desert planet yearns to explore the galaxy. After a major mix-up, he is whisked on an adventure that will have him discover his hidden potential and eventually save the galaxy. The game definitely succeeds in weaving a tale of adve...

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One of the last great PS2 games 2

When I first heard about this game, I thought, "Meh. Sounds pretty cool, I guess I'll go pick it up and rent it or something." When I got home and popped the game in, I didn't think it would be GREAT, but I was proven wrong within a few minutes. Game play: 9/10The game play was nearly perfect for me; I liked the occasional platforming, and the fast paced action. The only downfall for me with the game play was the random battles, but at least they took place in real time, in a way similar to King...

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Must buy for JRPG fans 0

The bottom line is that this is a reason to put off buying the PS3 until it comes down in price. RG is a little short for an RPG, but it is packed with fun. Between this and FFXII, I am content to wait quite a while for the PS3 (at least until FFXIII comes out which is likely to be another two years). The graphics in the game are almost identical to DQ8, which is a good thing. Sometimes games are so set on realistic graphics that you lose all sense of imagination. If there were a down side to th...

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