What class did you use to beat the final boss? *minor spoilers*

Posted by RedCream (694 posts) 1 year, 5 months ago

Poll: What class did you use to beat the final boss? *minor spoilers* (49 votes)

Paladin 16%
Barbarian King/Queen 41%
Lich King/Queen 2%
Hokage 20%
Spelunker/Spelunkette 0%
Spellsword 10%
Archmage 2%
Assassin 2%
Dragon 6%

I went for Barbarian Queen to beat the boss. The Barbarian Shout does wonders on the projectile barrages and stacking retaliation runes helped a lot.

How did you beat the boss on your playthrough?

#1 Posted by Icemo (659 posts) -

I used Barbarian Queen too. I suck at dodging so large HP pool is necessary.

#2 Posted by BBAlpert (1580 posts) -

Spellsword. Double-damage daggers and a basically infinite amount of MP worked quite well.

#3 Posted by GunstarRed (5480 posts) -

It was with a colourblind Barbarian queen with the spinny blade thing.

#4 Posted by Fredchuckdave (6162 posts) -

Paladin maybe? For level 0 I used a mage with chakrams.

#5 Edited by YI_Orange (1172 posts) -

Hokage. I always picked Hokages if they didn't have a terrible set up. I found them to be the most fun and fit with my preferred playstyle the best. Barbarian would have been the other option.

Beat bosses 1 and 2 with Barbarians. 3, 4 and final with Hokages I think.

#6 Edited by Sargus (732 posts) -

I got close with the Spellsword, but I think I finally succeeded with the Barbarian, which was my go-to class for most of the game.

#7 Posted by reddin (418 posts) -

A Barbarian. I think I was overlevelled, as I could just facetank him and didn't drop below half health :/. It was a bit anticlimactic really.

#8 Edited by Marv101 (24 posts) -

Hokage. Was my favourite hard hitting class + speed. Didn't like using the barbarian.

#9 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1204 posts) -

Paladin, Down+Y saved my butt during the projectiles

#10 Posted by Philantrophy (354 posts) -

Archmage with the timestop ability makes the last boss pretty easy if you have invested in mana and critical hit chance

#11 Edited by gerrid (383 posts) -

an absolutely vanilla Paladin with no traits and the stupid guardian sword. I guess there weren't any distractions? The Guardian shield worked well for the projectiles, meaning I could stay close and get some hits in once they'd passed.

#12 Posted by chiablo (1000 posts) -

Barbarian King on the first playthrough. Assasin on NG+ and NG++.

My recommendation for anyone playing this, try to max out the two crit stats. Once you get those high enough, you can beat bosses in a few hits.

#13 Posted by fleabeard (210 posts) -

I rolled a paladin and finally beat him. I managed to keep him in the middle most of the time so he would use his ground spikes. Then I just spammed the down attack while he stood still.

#14 Posted by therealhowwie (17 posts) -

Barbarian with high crit helped me kind of brute force my way through the final boss. Most of the bosses, really.

I may have spent a little more time than necessary grinding for gold.

#15 Posted by Lanechanger (559 posts) -

Assassin with the knock back trait, phase 1 just keep knocking him back, and dodge attacks. Phase 2, when he goes into the middle, pogo stick him like 4-5 times, attack him every chance you get otherwise. His high crit plus the knockback was big damage and kept him from slashing you with melee attacks. Assassin's mistform was also good for me because there were a few of those mass dagger attacks that I wasn't sure I could dodge, so I just mistform'ed through those to be sure. I didn't use spells.

#16 Posted by darkvare (780 posts) -

the hokage lol it was too easy

#17 Edited by Abendlaender (2889 posts) -

Barbarian King. Was too easy, I just stood there and hit him cause I had a billion hitpoints

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