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Rogue Legacy is what gaming needs more of. It's challenging, detailed, polished, and absolutely enthralling. 0

Modern triple A gaming has this habit of treating me like a stroke victim. The game mechanics are either something to keep the player from falling asleep between plot points (typically found in RPG's) or lacking concepts other than filling the closest enemy with absurd amounts of lead and hiding behind cover if the same should happen to you.Rogue Legacy on the other hand is what would result if Dark Souls and Castlevania decided that S&M was too tame for them. It's a 2D platformer in the sty...

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Rogue Legacy or: How I Learned to Kill an Entire Lineage 0

Rogue Legacy, much like Spelunky before it, is a procedurally generated roguelike platformer. Where both games involve exploring randomly generated levels and collecting loot, this is about where the similarities end.My thoughts on this game are similar to Spelunky. This game is going to kill you, in fact you are probably going to die A LOT, you will see generations upon generations of your offspring attempt to unlock the secrets of Castle Hamson. But systematically leading generations of ch...

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jakob187's Review of Rogue Legacy 0

If you are an indie game in this digital download era that we live in, you will typically find yourself shuffled into one of two categories: the "slightly pretentious games are art" category and the "we like old games and want to make something like that with our own small twist" category. Given the kinds of budgets these games are made on, you cannot fault a developer when they try their hardest. However, there are those moments when a true gem gets released that swallows up all of your time wh...

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Fantastic pick-up and play. 0

All in all, this game is more Castlevania than not, only throw in some RPG elements, skill trees, and an interesting way of handling death. Feels sharp to play. Endless potential gameplay. Apart from punishing difficulty at times, there really isn't anything bad to say about it. The end. ...

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Rogue Legacy accomplishes it's goal in fueling a desire into proving that you can beat it. 0

I don't remember the last time I've had the feeling of being an addict, the feeling of getting sucked into a game vent on beating it that Rogue Legacy gave to me. It's a difficult game for sure and it's one where I repeatedly told myself "one last try" only to be struck down again. The gratification of finally triumphing over the game was worth it though and I definitely was quick to overlooking the statistics of how many "children" I sacrificed as the game credits rolled.Rogue Legacy is a rogue...

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Storming the Castle is Fun for the Whole Family. 0

My first experience with Rogue Legacy was watching my friend Jean-Luc struggle against this giant skull demon thing named Alexander. I sat for several hours and watched him die and die and die again out of the corner of my eye while working on homework. After a half hour or so, he gave up and charged out into the greater castle, killed a whole slew of demons, died a dozen more times, found the door to Alexander’s area again, and spent another half hour beating his head against a wall until final...

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Hard as hell, worth the journey 0

I found Rogue Legacy to be a difficult game, and as the name suggests, you will die. A lot. However this tight platformer, which is different every time - both the dungeon and your character traits - makes for satisfying gaming. At the price (£10 or less), it's hard to argue with the value....

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Rogue Legacy Review 0

As the name suggests, Rogue Legacy is a 2D roguelike game in which you fight your way through a procedurally generated castle, playing as many, many different people, all continuing your legacy. These characters each have traits, classes and spells, and you'll never see the same combination twice! There are many things that will entice you into Rogue Legacy, making you come back time and time again, despite the many deaths required to progress.First and foremost is the constant changing of your ...

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Rogue Legacy is One of the Kings of Indie 0

Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy, as has been said before, is like a retro Souls game. In what looks like a fairly standard pixel-art Action/RPG title holds an impressive amount of depth, complexity, easter eggs, and great gameplay.I’ve been hearing about the game since it debuted on the PC and it never really piqued my interest. As someone who has played games all their life, I have a tendency to sleep on RPG titles despite having slipped some time into Demon’s Souls. I bought...

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