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Foul-mouthed and completly generic.


In a fucking world where shooters are as ubiquitous and the place to be seems to be non-discrepant middle eastern country, I'm surprised Rogue Warrior got made. This game's all about foul-mouthed juvenile and forced swearing, which is unfortunately the only thing that makes Rogue Warrior stand out. Rebellion's weak-attempt to capture old 80's style action leaves nothing but a generic FPS that no one should purchase, especially at full-price.

You play as Dick Marcinko, badass Navy Seal who doesn't take shit from anybody. Constantly throwing out phrases like “Reagan said fuck-you!”, or “Eat shit you cock-breath commie motherfucker!”,or “trick or treat assholes”. Yes, Rogue Warrior is riddled with a lot of horrible (awesome) one-liners and motherfucker is said so casually it's almost appropriate in a B-movie type of way. But it's this dialog that injects any life in this game, without this, Rouge Warrior would be completely generic. Of course the game is total non-sense and makes the entire experience laughable.

On the fucking story front, well, typical Cold-War era “America, fuck-yeah, communists are assholes” agenda. “Demo” Dick infiltrates North Korea to find and destroy their missile operations, and of course kills as many communists as possible. The whole experience is incredibly underwhelming, and just randomly ends with little climax about three hours in.

The gameplay itself is shit. The shooting is pretty shoddy, and given this game is a shooter, that's not good. The movement is stiff, the third-person cover doesn't really work too well, and everything moves too slow. This goes for reloading, entering/exiting cover, and so on. The game does allow you to run up to dudes and press A to perform some-sorta horrible thing to them. This ranges from smashing their faces in walls, chocking them to death, stabbing them multiple times, and of course, many more. It's completely random what Dick does. But 50 Cent did this better, and released seven months ago. This allows for a certain level of stealth, but ultimately doesn't allow you to sneak around too long to be a viably game option.

Rogue Warrior does have multiplayer, but it's really unnecessary. The game offers both Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, but neither are really fun or offer any cool upgrades or options. Though you can utilize the knife kills against other players, a small number of bullets can take anyone down. Thanks to no-one buying this game, I was only able to play four matches before writing this. Trust me, just stick with Modern Warfare 2.

In ways, Rogue Warrior is fun in a ironic “this game is so fucking dumb it's kinda cool” way. You could probably get some decent enjoyment from a rental if you don't have sensitive ears, but never actually buy this game. I really wanted to love this game in the way I loved 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, but at least that game had somethings going for it and had heart. Rogue Warrior has nothing going for it aside from dialog and will probably be in the bargain bin soon.

Posted by AlexMarra

I enjoyed reading your review. The only thing I would improve on is your swearing. It seemed slightly hypocritical for you to be bashing a game "On the god-damn story front"  for its unnecessary use of swear words then immediately afterwards stating, "The gameplay itself is shit".

Posted by EpicSteve
@AlexMarra said:
" I enjoyed reading your review. The only thing I would improve on is your swearing. It seemed slightly hypocritical for you to be bashing a game "On the god-damn story front"  for its unnecessary use of swear words then immediately afterwards stating, "The gameplay itself is shit". "
Yeah, that was the joke :)
Posted by DoubleKR

lol hahahahahahaha. are you serious? this game is about as awesome as totaling your car because you jumped something a "Red Neck" thought was cool. meaning this game is a train wreck from a serious stand point and is funny because of the bullshit swearing. so broskie shut it.
great review =]

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