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A bit of a goat f-bomb. 0

This game.... They shipped it to me before the street date, before the reviews. So now I own it. It's... I played it. Felt like I had to make the best of the situation and try to get my money's worth out of it. I did not succeed. This is a game which unique quality is that it possesses extraordinarily little value.  It takes some time to adjust to the way this game plays, your first instinct may be to give up after the first few missions as there's more or less no redeeming quality in sight. Yo...

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Yawn 0

 Richard Marchinko has written a veritable ton of books about his military exploits. It is a bit surprising that a game on his books hasn't been done until now. Our next goal, though, should be for a good game to be made based on the books.In this title, you play Marchinko, apparently the baddest dude in history and founder of counter-terrorism squad Seal Team Six. And your goal is to stop nukes in North Korea. As the game starts, your mission goes quite poorly and you have to basically ...

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It's Over Quickly, But Rogue Warrior Leaves A Bad Taste Behind 0

Meet Dick. He hates  Communists. There wasn't really any hype or attention paid to the new first person shooter title by Rebellion studios Rogue Warrior. This isn't surprising considering that the FPS is a crowded genre and most of the attention is going to Modern Warfare 2 anyway. I would like to tell you that Rogue Warrior is a surprising gem that provides an entertaining, fun, and lengthy adventure that really makes you feel like a Navy SEAL fighting against impossible odds. Unfortunately, if...

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Rogue Warrior Shanks Players 0

  Even after being highly disappointed with Rogue Warrior after getting my hands on it at E3, I had still some hope that the  Luckily for the guy on the right, he'll never have to play this game. very rough game that I played in July could be polished up enough to be worth playing come December. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. Rogue Warrior is an ugly, broken mess. Rogue Warrior is loosely based on the autobiography of Richard “Demo Dick” Marcinko, a veteran Navy SEAL taske...

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Rouge Warrior 0

After i saw the review from Giant Bomb I wanted to play the game myself but my game had a bit of problems 1:when i wanted to kill someone silently I press the right button but it took like 3-5 seconds to succeed (and then im spotted) What the fu** right, yes i also saw the same thing happen to Giant Bomb and i want to know if it was only Giant Bomb and I or other people as well that got this little lag. Over all i got to give this game 3 stars because all that bad mouth talking is just over the ...

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Foul-mouthed and completly generic. 0

  In a fucking world where shooters are as ubiquitous and the place to be seems to be non-discrepant middle eastern country, I'm surprised Rogue Warrior got made. This game's all about foul-mouthed juvenile and forced swearing, which is unfortunately the only thing that makes Rogue Warrior stand out. Rebellion's weak-attempt to capture old 80's style action leaves nothing but a generic FPS that no one should purchase, especially at full-price. You play as Dick Marcinko, badass Navy Seal who do...

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Huh 0

  Rogue "fucking" Warrior is a worldwide phenomenon as one of the worst games of 2009, and one of the absolute worst FPS games of all time, i disagree. Why? Be fucking patient cocksucker you know the motherfucking basics.   The character is one of the worst attempts to make an anti-hero but still the good guy character of all time, i mean instead of making an good anti-hero, Rebellion made a super hill-billy that swears a whole fucking lot, delivering some of the cheesiest lines in history of ...

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The worst thing a game could be, mediocre 0

This game sucks.This game sucks.    This game sucks.This game sucks. This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.his game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks.This game sucks....

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Maybe worth a rental 0

Main reason I picked this up is so many told me the game was so bad you had to try it. If you would like to hear  Mickey Rourke swearing up a storm and play a bad shooter then this is your game. At least the game is very short and you can easily beat it in a short rental from a video store. The game is pretty broken in spots and I almost quit after throwing a grenade and watching it just twirl in the air before me.  Stood there as it killed me thinking wow, that is a goofy bug! Best payoff in th...

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Rogue Warrior Video Review 0


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You already know it's bad, but how bad? 0

  This was a terrible game.+'sSprinting past the stupid AI. So on with the good. The AI was so bad in this game or just scripted so awfully that you can run past almost everyone in most sections of this game while only taking a few shots. Once we figured this mechanic out, the game went by much faster and was hilarious to boot.The game is mercifully short. The first three levels took about 2 hours, then the following 5 levels were completed in about another 2 hours. I feel like the game wa...

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Clusterfuck 0

This clusterfuck of a game is set in the waning years of the Cold War as you play a Navy Seal name Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko (is an actual person) who in all intensive ways is a poor man’s Rambo. As Rambo was somewhat course and little rough but still likable “Demo Dick” is simply a dick. I’m not a prudish person (hell, I swear several times in this review) but when a hardened Navy Seal sounds like a 13 year old playing Halo, it doesn’t help the game but rather comes off like a bunch of frat ...

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Rogue Warrior. Just another day at the office, then? 0

This game is pretty bad. For starters, the graphics are slow and choppy, the gunplay is boring, and the cover mechnics are action sequences don't work properly. But underneath all that is one bad-ass muthafuckin character. Dick Marcinko. This guy knows how to knife people. He also knows how to speak like Mickey Rourke. Oh, thats because Mickey Rourke does the voice. Ok, I get it now. Basically, Dick muthafuckin Marcinko goes around killing communists, and often shouting vulgarities along the way...

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Mickey Rourke stars in Gameplay Goatfuck 0

If you've ever asked yourself "is the douchebag convention in town?" after stabbing someone through the skull then Rogue Warrior is the game for you!  Walking up to dudes, pressing A, watching an over-the-top stabbing animation, and hearing Mickey Rourke mutter some vaguely comprehensible curse laden insults. That about sums up the major appeal of this B-level "gem". You're probably thinking that sounds like it would get old fast. And it does. Luckily by the time the schtick starts to wear thin ...

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Quite Possibly the Best Bad Game Ever. 0

Dick Marcinko is a real person, but you'd be forgiven for thinking he was a stand-in for Duke Nukem in this ridiculous little game by the way he behaves.  It's 1986, nearing the final years of the Cold War, and Mr. Marcinko is dropped behind enemy lines in North Korea with two other soldiers, but when his incompetent buddies are killed by the most horribly choreographed grenade pin pulling in gaming history, it's up to the legendary founder of Se...

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