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Rogue in her most well known costume
Rogue in her most well known costume

Rogue began her "career" teaming up with her foster mother Mystique and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. But after permanently absorbing the powers, and psyche, of Ms. Marvel she began to lose her grip on reality and turned to Professor X for help in helping her deal with her powers. Though the X-Men offered a lukewarm reception to their former enemy, Rogue has proved herself time and time again as an invaluable member of the team; even being given command of her own team on a few occasions.

Relationship With Other Characters

Mystique - Rogue and her adoptive mother have an up and down relationship since Mystique is a villain (though she has flip-flopped some) and is often at odds with the X-Men. Despite this it has been shown that the two genuinely care for each other.

Nightcrawler - Mystique's biological son. He and Rogue consider themselves siblings.

With Magneto and son Charles in Age of Apocalypse
With Magneto and son Charles in Age of Apocalypse

Magneto - The two had a relationship, stemming from Magneto rescuing her in the Savage Land, that bordered on becoming a romance. However, Rogue was turned off when she witnessed him kill a defeated and helpless adversary, going against the X-Men's ideals. In the Age of Apocalypse alternate timeline (a timeline where Xaiver dies and Magneto goes on to form the X-Men) they are actually married, with Rogue being Magneto's second in command of the X-Men. Magneto was also able to form a thin magnetic shield around himself allowing him to physically touch her; they would conceive a son named Charles, after Magneto's friend.

Gambit - The two have an on-again off-again relationship, often complicated by Gambit's past life and, of course, Rogue's mutant powers preventing physical contact. Their relationship is one of the longest and most popular in the series.

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