Favorite Kills As A Rogue?

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I don't care what game it was from, just rise up you lot who can turn invisible and one-shot! 

  • My first kill was a Priest who was resting.  She just finished off fighting a group of mobs, and I watched the whole time.  I watched her in her cloth armor, I watched her try hard to win.  When she rested, I walked near her...and backstabbed.  I combo-ed to no end.  I finished her off.  The thrill of hunting such a beautiful Horde drove me insane.  It got me addicted.

  • My second favorite, killing someone who is already attacking a mob and is close to dying.  I wait until the target gets less than 30% health...I go behind and backstab.  My favorite memory of this was in Booty Bay.  Saw a Horde and some Human fight, I couldn't care about the Human...I just wanted to kill the Horde.  The Human thanked me, but I just turned back invisible and didn't say a word back.

  • Booty Bay kills.  I loved chilling in Booty Bay, waiting for someone to kill.  Maybe I'd kill them just as they got on the boat?  It felt good knowing that my hands had that kind of power.  My daggers could slay even the strongest warrior in seconds if done right.

  • I just loved killing them at the worst moment.  It was strangely peaceful knowing someone on the other side of the world was yelling at his screen whenever I killed him with my hands.
I did have an honorable code.  I never attack people in groups, nor do I attack someone at full health.  Even I have codes of honor.   
Whats your stories?

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