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The Rokh's focus in a fleet is to snipe hostiles from great distances, which can easily exceed 250km. Tho not the most powerful Battleship out there, it can be quite a nasty ally (or enemy) in every fleet battle, especially for smaller vessels like Cruisers. Variations of this Ship fit a close range setups instead of long range, making it more versatile in close range engagements, but also more vulnerable since this ship is not known for its tanking abilitys. While the Rokh is a relatively common sight on bigger PVP Fleets, its purpose for PVE activitys is a subject for debate, since its a hybrid turret based ship, of which the charges don't let the pilot the freedom of choice regardng the damage type he wants to deal.


Official Description

Having long suffered the lack of an adequate hybrid platform, the Caldari State's capsule pilots found themselves rejoicing as the Rokh's design specs were released. A fleet vessel if ever there was one, this far-reaching and durable beast is expected to see a great deal of service on battlefields near and far.


CPU 780 tf
Powergrid 15.000 MW
Calibration 400 Points
Low Slots
Medium Slots
High Slots
 8 Turret, 4 Launcher
Rg Slots
Rig Size

Drone Capacity
50 m³
Drone Bandwith
50 Mbit/sec

Structure HP
7500 HP
Cargo Capacity
625 m³
105.300.000 kg
486.000,0 m³
Inertia Modifier

Armor HP
7000 HP
EM Resistance
50 %
Explosive Resistance
10 %
Kinetic Resistance
25 %
Thermal Resistance
45 %

Shield HP
8500 HP
Shield Recharge Time
2.500,00 s
EM Reistance
0 %
Explosive Resistance
50 %
Kinetic Resistance
40 %
Thermal Resistance
20 %

Capacitor Capacity
6000 GJ
Capacitor Recharge Time
1.250,00 s

Targeting Range
90.000 m
Max. Locked Targets
Scan Resolution
75 mm
Sensor Strength
24 (Gravimetric)
Signature Radius
500 m

Max. Velocity
89 m/sec
Warp Speed
3,0 AU/sec


 The Rokh
  • 10% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret optimal range per level
  • 5% bonus to all shield resistances per level

Required Skills

  • Spaceship Command I
  • Caldari Frigate IV
  • Spaceship Command III
  • Caldari Cruiser IV
  • Spaceship Command IV
  • Caldari Battleship III

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