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Romani is a young girl who trains to protect the ranch and cows from Them. Them are the aliens\ghosts similar to Poes who invade the ranch every year during the Carnival of Time. Her older sister Cremia does not believe her, causing Romani to go to Link, whom she calls "Grasshopper" due to his green outfit, for help. She teaches Link "Epona's Song" to help him train. He rides around on Epona, shooting balloons that resemble Poes with a bow and arrow.


The invasion starts at 2:00 AM of Day 1. She goes inside the barn to protect the cows while Link is outside protecting the barn. This go on until 5:00 AM. If Link plays the "Inverted Song of Time" the quest is longer but Them also move slower, which could help with the quest. If Link is able to protect the barn from Them until dawn he is rewarded with a bottle of milk. This quest is required to obtain the "Romani's Mask" from Cremia, which she gives Link after he helps her.

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