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Rosamia Badam is a mobile suit pilot for the Titans in Mobile Suit Z Gundam. She is also a cyber-newtype; an "oldtype" experimented on to develop newtype-like abilities. However, the experiments also warped her mental state such that when she encounters Kamille Bidan face-to-face, her personality and mentality become much more childlike and she behaves under the belief that Kamille is her older brother. Rosamia also suffers from a phobia of colony drops; an extreme military action in which an entire space colony is propelled and dropped onto a populated region of Earth, the moon, or similar planetary surfaces, killing countless people.

During the events of Z Gundam, Rosamia is eventually reprogrammed again so that she believes fellow cyber-newtype Gates Cappa is her actual brother instead of Kamille. However, this only heightens her confusion during her final confrontation with Kamille, who despite his misgivings and his pity for Rosamia, is forced to kill her. As she dies, she refers to Kamille as her brother one last time.

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