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Roshan in "Are We Heroes Yet?"

Roshan the Immortal is the most powerful neutral creep in DotA Allstars, and its sequel Dota 2, and holds the Aegis of the Immortal, a relic that allows its bearer to cheat death. He is a golem-like creature with tough, leathery wings, and possess many powerful abilities.

Roshan can be found in his special den on the Dire side of the river, and can easily defeat a hero one-on-one in the early- and mid-game. He grants the team that kills him 200 gold, and drops the Aegis, allowing the hero that picks it up a free revive when killed. He also drops the Cheese the 3rd time he is killed (regardless of team), a healing item that instantly heals a hero 2500 hp and 1000 mana. Roshan will respawn 10 minutes after his death, and the Aegis, if not consumed, will disappear from its wielder, returning to Roshan.


Roshan During Diretide

During Diretide (Dota's version of Halloween), Roshan is freed from his imprisonment, and prowls the land looking for Greevil Taffy, a sweet that only Roshan can stand. He dresses up in various Halloween costumes, and chases down heroes, both Radiant and Dire, in search of this dreadful concoction made by the confectioners of Yhauron. After consuming these sweets, Roshan will become afflicted by a Sugar Rush, and heroes from both sides must combine forces to take him down.

Diretide is a special halloween-only mode, and was available from October 30, 2012, to November 12, 2012.


Ability NameEffect
Spell Block (Passive)Roshan will block an ability targeted at him once every 15 seconds.
Bash (Passive)Roshan has 15% chance to stun a target on attack.
Slam (Active)Roshan slams the ground to damage and slow enemies.
Strength of the Immortal (Passive)Roshan gains 75% magic resistance, the ability to purge any attacking illusions, and a scaling defensive aura, gaining armor, health, and damage every 5 minutes, up to 45 minutes.

Sugar Rush Abilities

Ability NameEffect
Apocalypse (Active)Roshan launches beams at all enemy heroes between 400 to 1200 range from him, dealing massive damage.
Wave of Force (Active)Roshan smashes the ground to cause massive damage and knockback to all enemies around him.
Toss (Active)Roshan tosses an enemy unit to another unit further away. Toss does not deal damage.
Shell (Active)Roshan becomes immune to physical damage, but takes more magical damage for a period of time. All hero abilities are refreshed when Roshan uses Shell.


  • Roshan means "bright or "on" in Farsi. It is also a common Persian name.
  • Baron Nashor is Roshan's equivalent from League of Legends, and its name is an anagram of Roshan. It, however, does not drop a free revive, but instead gives a team-wide buff.
  • Kongor, Heroes of Newerth's Roshan equivalent, also drops an item that provides a free revive (Token of Life) and a healing item (Banana) upon killing it. It, however, is a giant gorilla-like creature.
  • During the Greeviling, Roshan is replaced by a giant Greevil that looks similar to him. Killing him still drops the Aegis.

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