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Roswell the "God's Right Hand" is a cunning elite of the Ancient Father's Cabal. He is also a top scientist for new ships and weapons in the Cabal's technical department. He 28 years of age, 5 feet 9 inches tall, 134 lb, and his home country is France. Prior to the game's events, he attacked a young girl named Astell and erased her memories.
Roswell and Carmine - Nostalgia
Roswell's first appearance is at the Tower of Babel, where he assists his fellow Cabal elite, Carmine, in forcing Fiona to release the seal on the first tablet. Once he obtains it, he makes a stealthy attempt to kill Edward Brown using a deadly slash attack from his mechanical arm, but   Fiona quickly protects the party with a barrier and then teleports them to safety. Roswell turns up again over the hills east of St. Petersburg after having just defeated the air pirate Scarlett's ship, Esperanza. He then battles the hero party's ship, Maverick, using his own vehicle, the Ouroboros. Roswell loses the fight, coming to the conclusion that his ship isn't complete yet, and retreats. 
Roswell - Nostalgia
The four protagonists and Scarlett, who mistakenly believes that Roswell took the life of her sister, follow Roswell to the Siberian Base. However, shortly after arriving there, the air pirate discovers that Astell is in fact alive, and has become a Cabal elite. The heroes confront Roswell in the control room of the base, where he fuses his body to machinery with a giant mechanical hand. After losing his second battle to the party, Roswell quickly attempts to use the tablet to open the "Gate to the Heavens," but the terminal malfunctions; a failure which leads Astell to abandon him. As his final desperation attempt, Roswell sets the base to self destruct, sacrificing himself in the process.
A stronger, shadow version of Roswell can be battled on the second floor of the Tower of the Moon once post-game becomes available.


HP: 450
Attack Power: 125
Defense Power: 14
Magic Attack Power: 12
Magic Defense Power: 6
Ability: Gorgeous Beam
Item 1: n/a
Item 2: n/a

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