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Route-16 is a top-down maze game with a racing car protagonist, similar to Namco's Rally-X. It was released in Arcades and later ported to the Famicom, where it was renamed Route-16 Turbo, and the short-lived Arcadia 2001. Tecmo co-developed the game, back when they were still called Tehkan in their early Arcade developer days, and SunSoft was solely responsible for the Famicom conversion. Tecmo would eventually release their first internally-developed NES game in 1986: Mighty Bomb Jack.

The player has to maneuver around a series of sixteen interconnected mazes arranged in a four-by-four grid in order to collect bags of cash. The player also has to contend with rival cars which will destroy the player's car if they collide, though the player can find checkered flags which makes the enemies vulnerable like the ghosts of Pac-Man. When outside the mazes, the player's map becomes zoomed out and they can see what items (money, fuel, flags, etc.) are in each of the game's numbered mazes.

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