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Roxie has a fascination with all things mechanical, especially Panzerfaust's Lab 3 upgraded arm and body. She can take apart and reassemble pretty much anything, and when she does she loves to add her only little upgrades to whatever it is she is working on. It's in this way that her friend Molly's in-field comms equipment has been modified and upgraded so far beyond the point of being a mere telephone, that it is now classified as a weapons system. Roxie uses her talents to make whatever she can to aid the Black Egrets, and serve Parasoul and her family against the Skullgirl.

During the Skullgirls Indiegogo fund raiser, Roxie was revealed as a potential DLC character along with 31 other characters from throughout the Skullgirls universe. Fan voting would go through 4 rounds, eliminating half of the field with each vote. Unfortunately, Roxie was one of the first characters to be taken out in round 1.

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