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Roxy is an enemy in the brawler Final Fight that began as a palette swap of Poison. Due to concerns about the depiction of violence against women, versions of the game released in North America featured censored graphics. Depending on the version, Roxy and Poison were depicted in less revealing clothing or were removed entirely and replacing with male characters named Billy and Sid.

The controversy led Capcom to internally consider both Roxy and Poison cross-dressing males. While Poison's backstory has since been rewritten to make her a male-to-female transsexual, Roxy is once again officially considered a woman. Unlike Poison, Roxy never appeared in another game after the original Final Fight. However, she did make an international, unedited appearance in the downloadable Final Fight: Double Impact.

Roxy's backstory includes growing up in the same Los Angeles orphanage as Poison. Because of this, Roxy looks up to Poison, but is annoyed by her cross-dressing, especially when she shows up to places wearing suspiciously similar outfits to Roxy's; a reference to the fact that they were originally palette swaps.

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