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Rumia is a Youkai who has the power to manipulate darkness, however, it seems she is only powerful enough to make daytime seem like late-evening. During the events of The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, she is attacked by the heroine for no reason, and has no actual role in the main story. She seems to be quite simple-minded.

She has red eyes and short blonde hair, and she wears a black vest and skirt, as well as a white blouse. She has a small red amulet tied to the left side of her hair, which looks like a ribbon.  Physically, she resembles a small child.


  • Rumia, as the first boss of the Touhou series on Windows, is the first character to use the Spell Card system in the history of the series.
  • Her ability is "Manipulation of darkness", which sounds powerful, but is actually quite weak.  Being a stage one boss in both The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and Shoot the Bullet, makes her appear to be a joke by ZUN.
  • Rumia is mostly seen with her arms spread out, claiming that it looks like "The Saint was crucified".
  • Rumia cannot remove the amulet which is tied in her hair, although she has wanted to in the past.
  • It is rumoured that her amulet is actualy a seal, and that if it is removed, her true powers will be unleashed. There have even been Doujinshi (self-published manga) where, when Rumia's amulet is removed, she develops an Ex form where she has large wings and wields a giant sword.
  • Rumia tends to hide in her own field of darkness, so she can escape the sunlight and the heat of summer, as she doesn't react well to them. However, she cannot see out of it, causing her to bump into many objects while she is wandering around Gensokyo.
  • During the summer months, Rumia keeps a field of darkness around her to protect her from the summer heat and sun.

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