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Run Saber is an action game from Horisoft/Hori Electric in which the player assumes the role of a "Run Saber": genetically modified humans who combine super strength and reflexes with elemental powers. Allen, the male Run Saber, has a lightning affinity while Sheena, the female Run Saber, has an ice affinity. The game emphasizes the acrobatic skills of the protagonists, allowing them to perform balletic moves in mid-air while jumping and effortlessly climb walls and grapple across ceilings, similar to Strider Hiryu in the Arcade and Genesis versions of Capcom's Strider.

Run Saber was published on the Super Nintendo in the US and Europe only, receiving no Japanese release.

Critical Reception

Electronic Gaming Monthly's Mike Weigand gave the review score of 8 out of 10. He wrote, "...This is nothing more than Strider for Super NES except with the added option of two-player simultaneous play and the option to play as a woman warrior... The game could have been longer, but it's still a great trip! The warrior color change is a big plus".

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