Desperatly stuck in the game... can't unlock the lava ruins

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This game is quite a lot different from the other rune factory and harest moon games especially in structure. Does anyone knows how to unlock the lava ruins? (aka the place where I will finally be able to find silver).

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Nope. Plx review in joor blogz.


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Al3xand3r said:
 Plx review in joor blogz.^_^"
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</douche> Sorry. Review the game in your blog ^_^

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Finally found out how to open it...

Step A :First thing is to meet Iris, in order to do that you will have to "unlock" Rosetta first and wait until she starts her shop then go and see her and she will tell you something about moon drop flowers. Buy a bag of moondrop seeds, go to the patch of ground outside the tower on the fin of wail island and plant them there,wait till 6 in the evening for iris to go outside (and not notice you), then water the seed 4 days untill they bloom. Once blooming wait till 6 and you will get an anime cutscene, talk to iris once and of to step 2.

Step B: Get hold of the scythe, Eric will give it to you after a couple of days. Now wait for Mist to ask you to unweed her garden. Use the scythe to clear the weeds from her garden to reveal the passage to the green ruins. Fight your way down (not sure if you have to destroy the portals) and beat the boss at the 4th floor.

The tree in front of the lava ruin will have grown and will have a hole in it. Capture 10 tree runies and transform them into a three runestone at the clocktower (You'll have to unlock Cinammon and her younger sister Candy for this) then place the rune stone in the hole of the tree. Go to sleep and the next morning the tree will have pushed the ruble blocking the entrance to the Lava cave.

Now here is the funny part you dont have to do step A to do step B but you'll have to do both of them in order to get the tree to grow which i was not aware of... Also you'll have to do all the actions i just described in the exact order that i wrote them down. For instance it is possible to not talk to Rosetta and still buy the Moondrop seeds and grow the flowers but when doing this Iris will just walk past them and wont notice you, which i was not aware of once again....

Al3xand3r said:

"</douche> Sorry. Review the game in your blog ^_^"
Will keep it short "Fucking Awesome".

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