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Same old traditional gameplay; additional layer of depth. 1

In 2007, Marvelous Entertainment released Rune Factory for the Nintendo DS as a celebration of the Harvest Moon series' tenth anniversary. While the mechanics   and traditions of the franchise remained wholly intact, Rune Factory thrust the player into a fantasy world, filled with monsters and plenty of magic and weaponry with which to do away with said beasts. The game's release was a risk, but it quickly paid off when it was celebrated by many as the best entry the series had yet seen. Rune ...

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Rune Factory: Frontier was a deep Action RPG. 1

 I've been a fan of Harvest Moon games since the SNES, but I'll be honest, they haven't progressed enough for me to continue buying them.  The Gamecube Harvest Moon was the last one I was excited for.  With that said, I loved the idea of Rune Factory.  They basically took the Harvest Moon "simy" stuff, and thrown in an open world Action RPG into the mix.  It turned out to be an awesome balance of grind and harvest that I was looking for.  They made the harvesting alot more accessible, while keep...

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Rune Factory: Frontier. How does it fare? 0

Rune Factory: Frontier is a tough nut to crack. You're literally just given a small homestead, a plot of land, and is forced to work on your own on a farm. I really don't know where to start with this game, but I guess I'm just gonna pick a spot.Rune Factory: Frontier begins with Raguna searching for a missing girl. The missing girl turns out to be Mist (from the original Rune Factory), who has moved to a new town because something is calling to her in her dreams. Raguna moves into the town as w...

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Rune Frontier Review 0

If you've ever heard of Harvest Moon this game is something like it with a little added extra. You will be playing the part of a person on a mission to find a lost friend. You will become a farmer, crafter, adventurer, and so much more. You will get to meet several different people along the way and explore different locations as the game goes along. The main objective is to help the town, and to grow an amazing amount of plants and flowers.The graphics for this game look pretty good for a Wii g...

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