Rune Classic

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Rune just released on Steam, and with added achievements too! Includes the basic game and the expansion for 8 euro. Anyone else remember loving this game back when it first came out? I'm really worried about Human Head after all the Prey 2 cancellation rumors, so hopefully this does pretty well for them.

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I had to buy this the minute I heard about it. The amount of Halls of Valhalla I played back in the early 2000's, when we first got DSL, coupled with the bad times at Human Head made me not even hesitate. It was great fun playing the game for the first time in maybe five years, jumping into an Arena server and going on a 10-win streak before the server restarted. People were still using the Dwarven Work Sword in that completely fucking annoying way, because apparently it'll beat most players. Too bad that shit can't compare to a good Bastard Sword and Shield combo.

I'm totally on board with this game getting the "Classic" suffix. It's still so much fun to play in every way. Much recommended to anyone who would like to try a good third person melee game.

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Ahh, the memories. This was the goto game of my youth. My friends and I would play it non-stop for hours and hours. I personally think this is STILL one of the best multiplayer experiences around.

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I'm sure my nostalgia is factoring into my feelings alot for this game, but I'm still gonna say it holds up incredibly well for a 10+ year old game. Also there weren't, and still aren't, alot of third-person melee games on the PC. If the rumors of a Rune 2 in the works are true, it would make me really happy. And also a bit less sad if Human Head never gets to finish Prey 2.

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