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Don't expect amazing graphics and you'll be fine!

As I sit here and read the bad reviews for this game, I see a trend that is happening here. The reviewer usually states that "I have played this game for (2,3,4 or 5 years) and I am bored, its boring" When I see this I cringe, they have played the game for years and have only just realised its boring? there must have been something fun, otherwise you would not have played the game for so long.
The graphics are expected and decent due to the fact that it is A. Free (Yes you CAN pay for extra stuff) and B. a browser game, people have an obsession with criticizing this game on its visuals, they're Ok. Beyond the graphics there is a decent MMO with lots of things to do and accomplish, such as quests, clan wars and making money. You upgrade your character by doing a number of different things, you can for example, cook, chop wood or become a blacksmith.  

My experience of the game is that most people that play runescape are extremly friendly, whereas other MMOs I find people are out for themselves most of the time. Here I simply had to shoutout a problem and most people came rushing to help. I especially like the Grand Exchange within the city of Varrock which acts as a large auction house where I can go and buy or sell items. Personally I reached level 89 and so cannot comment on the top end of the game, but the time I spent within the game I thoroughly enjoyed. A good addition that Jagex (Makers of Runescape) added was the ability to purchase your own house. Within this house you can buy furniture and items which act as mini games. I can remember going over to my friend's house where we hosted a boxing competition because he had bought a boxing ring. The thing that will take up most of your time within this game is grinding, whether thats fighting monsters for combat experience or wood cutting to make money. To make money in this game you do need a lot of time on your hands and can get very repetative from nothing but creating 10,000 bow strings that takes literally hours.
Overall although I don't play it anymore, I did have a great experience with my friends.
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