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role play in the mystical world full of idiots, bots, and n00bs

this game is taken for "the worst game ever" or "It sucks!" or some crap like that, really it is not a bad game. you just need to know what to do, and if the game is sooo bad, then why is their 45000 players on all the time? the game is extreamly addictive. THE GAME DOES NOT SUCK!   you just need to get the hang of it. it is quite easy... yet you will find yourself taking a years worth or 6 mounths worth of a break. if you think the game is impossible and you can't do anything right, don't worry, there is a lot of help sights around. personaly i think the game is crappy graphic wise, but come on! it was made in 2001 with only one minor graphic update, and it is java based. membership is a bit pricey but it is kinda not and kinda worth it at the same time... it just depends on what you like and the time you have...

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Posted by PepsiFusion

too true I think people are forgetting this is a free internet game (or you can pay) and it competes with the likes of t-games ms power point stype trash and illegal sonic and mario internet games, basically its the best internet game by far although internet games arn't good anyhow.

Posted by Clbull

A bit short for a review, but I definitely see the point you're making.

Posted by Xanth93

I see the point, but it gets old... fast. It would be better if it had more to it.

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