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Basic Idea

Although self-explanatory, the underlying concept isn't clear to those who don't already understand one of the biggest assumptions in gaming.  That assumption is the inexplicably infinite inventory a player character has in various games.  This is most obvious in First-Person Shooters when the player can stash any number of seemingly large weaponry somewhere that is extremely easy to access.  This is done in video games simply because it is much easier to deal with how a player accesses weapons and items in games where action is the center.  So instead all necessary information is already on the screen.
So what does this have to do with running faster with a knife?  That on-screen context also may change how a player moves.  To still give a realistic impression without dealing with the previously mentioned assumption, different weapons may make the player character move slower or faster when on-screen.  This is why when a particularly large weapon is equipped, the player character may move slower.  Usually the knife is the smallest weapon available which means that when games make weapons affect player movement, the knife allows you to run faster.

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