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Ruruka is Maria's the fourth and youngest daughter. She is innocent and childish, yet capable of acting as a grown-up. Ruruka helps her mother with household chores including cooking and cleaning. She attends the same school as Emiru. Ruruka enjoys teasing Yusuke.

Ruruka often requests for Yusuke's help to study.

Ruruka suffers from a stalker. He tracks her down at her school and even calls her at home. Based on the player's choice, on any path other than Maria's or Ruruka's, Yusuke will fend the stalker off through the phone.

On Ruruka's path, she will hound Yusuke and even follows him to his school. Eventually, the stalker catches her but Yusuke will beat him up.

Two years later, Yusuke graduates from school then returns to further his relationship with Ruruka.

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